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Third Hitman Takes Players to Marrakech

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Hitman fans have been waiting for a while for a new instalment in the franchise. Luckily, it seems that they won’t have to wait much longer. Square Enix just announced that the third Hitman will hit the market on the 31st of May. Players will thus have the opportunity to test their skills on the crowded streets of Marrakech.


“Following up on the big fashion show event in Paris and the expansive nature of Sapienza, we knew that Marrakesh had to be something extraordinary. So the team set out to build a location that was both teeming with life and things to do,” the Hitman blog reports.

It seems that players will have the opportunity of wondering on a “maze of alleys,” exploring a “range of souks,” and a shisha café. Moreover, players will be able to move from the crowded markets where they could be arrested or killed themselves to the open Marrakesh terraces where they will be able to find a clear target.

However, at some point, players will have to leave the comfort of anonymity given by the crowded streets and enter the Swedish Consulate where they will have to assassinate a couple of important high-priority targets.

“As with any HITMAN, Marrakesh promises players the lure of voyeurism and the thrill of infiltration, and it’s something we’ve been working hard on getting just right.”

It seems that the two targets that will make the players search for unusual tactics in order to complete the mission are General Reza Zaydan and banker Claus Strandberg. The first is protected by elite soldiers while the latter is secured in the highly protected Swedish Consulate building.

Moreover, the producers are promising that the third episode of the series is going to bring additional live content.

According to the official blog of the site, both the Consulate building and the crowded streets and markets of the cosmopolitan area are the perfect settings for live content.

Apart from offering the fans the opportunity of experiencing the Contracts Mode, the third Hitman episode will also feature new Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets modes.

The game is set to be released on the last day of May. It will be compatible with PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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