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Twitter Won’t Count Pictures, User Handles Against its Character Limit

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Twitter’s strict 140-character limit will soon be a bit more relaxed for some tweets, allowing users to express themselves with a few extra characters.

After months of speculation, the social network seems to actually change up the rules regarding its 140-character limit, but don’t expect the rumor about a new 10,000-character limit to become reality. Not just yet, maybe.

Instead, Twitter wants your images, polls, links, and user names to stop counting against the site’s character restriction. According to a representative of the social network, the changes are expected to become universal on Twitter’s apps and website “over the coming months.”

Even though the update is not technically an expansion of its character limit, the change will enable users to write tweets that are slightly longer than what the platform previously allowed.

According to the new rules, photos, polls, videos, GIFs, and quoted tweets will no longer be included in a tweet’s character limit. Using a name handle in replies will also be excluded from the character count.

Twitter hasn’t revealed exactly how the new tweets will look once the changes roll, but we know that user handles will no longer appear ahead of replies. Instead, contextual details will be surfaced about the conversation outside of the tweet.

As far as quoted tweets are concerned, Twitter will add another feature that users had been requesting for a long time: the ability to retweet and quote your own tweets. This update should clear out the tweetstorms, as you’ll now be able to include your previous tweets.

Last but not least, replies will also be visible in timelines the same way as other tweets. In other words, users will no longer need to begin their replies with a period or other characters to make sure their followers will see it.

In spite of the rumors that Tweeter may be eyeing a 10,000-character limit, this is the best we can hope for. There was no official mention of a formal expansion of the character limit, but the changes will practically allow users to post slightly longer tweets.

Photos, for instance, currently take up 24 characters, so not counting them against the limit will let users squeeze in some extra words into those tweets.
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