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You Can Now Track Uber Rides from your Smartphone

"Uber is offering more security to its users"
Uber is trying to offer more security to its users.

If you have a Family Profile, then you can now track Uber rides and see exactly where your family members and close friends are at all times. This measure comes to meet the concerns of users who were starting to abandon the services of the car-sharing app due to all of the assault complaints.

Uber did not have a good year so far. There have been numerous complaints of drivers that assaulted, molested, and robbed their passenger. Due to the negative publicity, more and more people directed their attention towards other, smaller companies that offer the same services, such as Lyft.

In China, there is the Didi, which became the number one car-sharing service. It even received an investment of $1 billion from Apple, its popularity climbing even higher.

However, Uber remains a favorite in about 450 cities across over 70 countries around the world. Ever since its 2010 launch, the ride-hailing app gathered millions of users, some frequent, other occasional.

In an attempt to make transportation even easier, Uber invented the Family Profiles. With this option, a person can sink its account with up to 10 others, and be billed for all the rides of all the beneficiaries. This means that parents with busy schedules or even adults that don’t have the time to accompany their elderly family members on all of their chores can rest easy knowing that their loved ones can call an Uber whenever they need to travel from A to B.

Now, Uber offers some more security for the Family Profiles users by allowing them to track Uber rides directly from their phone. This means that they will be aware of the location of their loved ones at all times, thus having the possibility to intervene promptly if they see that the car is taking an unusual route, or it became stationary in a strange location.

Apart from the fact that they can track Uber rides in the Family Profiles options, users can also use the SafetyNet app which allows passengers to share an estimated time of arrival with one to five contacts, thus making sure that somebody knows that they are on the move with an Uber vehicle.

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