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Android Pay Finally Comes to the UK

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Google’s Android Pay – the company’s smartphone payments system – has finally been launched in the UK on Wednesday, some eight months after it was first made available to customers in the US.

Thanks to the long-awaited launch, Android phone owners will now be able to benefit from the same perks as iPhone and Samsung owners – which, by the way, have been using their own mobile payments systems for several months.

Once you install Android Pay on your smartphone, your transactions will become a lot easier: a simple get your device close to any of the 460,000 contactless payment terminals that already exist across the UK.

At the same time, Android Pay can also offer benefits to completing purchases on your phone; no longer do you have to input your card details time and time again when you breeze through online checkouts.

Google’s payment system is compatible with MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards from First Direct, the Bank of Scotland, M&S Bank, Halifax, HSBC, Nationwide, Lloyds Bank, and MBNA.

According to a statement from Mark Barnett, director of MasterCard UK and Ireland, the partnership with Google was more than welcome.

“As more and more devices become connected and enabled for payments or shopping, we’re committed to bringing consumers the choice and convenience of paying how, when and where they want,” he added.

Back in March, Google announced the launch of Android Pay was soon to come upon the UK, but one problem remained: three of the country’s major banks – Natwest, Barclays, and RBS – had yet to come on board.

As per the latest update, they’re still missing from its roster and Google has yet to reveal whether or not customers of these banks will be able to use the payment service.

At first sight, Google is a bit late to the party with the rollout of Android Pay in Britain, seeing that Apple Pay has been launched nearly a year ago. But the company pointed out in a blog post on its website that it had to get ready for the UK, which is “one of the most advanced contactless nations in the world.”

This seemingly slow start is also unlikely to have a significant impact on the spread and popularity of Android Pay. Given the fact that most smartphones are powered by Google’s OS, its payment system should have no trouble achieving a wide-reaching impact on how Brits pay for goods.
Image Source: Wired.co.uk

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