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Facebook Moments Comes to Canada and Europe

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According to an announcement made by Facebook this morning, Moments – the network’s private photo-sharing application – has been made available in all countries worldwide.

The giant social platform has launched a new tweaked version of Moments in the EU and Canada. Why tweaked, you ask? Because in the U.S. and other international versions of the application, Facebook has included facial recognition technology– but not in the latest iteration.

This type of tech suggests which friends you should share a particular photo with by identifying which of your Facebook friends appear. However, the modified version that was launched today got rid of the feature due to some privacy laws in these markets.

But doing away with facial recognition makes the app somewhat more labor-intensive, seeing that people featured in your photos are no longer automatically identified. The best it can do is suggest a group of photos that may be of the same person.

As Facebook explains it, the new version of Moments is a step down from facial recognition, and it’s nowhere nearly as accurate. Instead of using the old feature, the app for EU applies a form of object recognition, which measures features like the distance between a person’s eyes and their ears.

At the same time, the changes meant that Facebook had to build a different user interface for these users, so the app asks “Who’s this?” in order to identify people.

Users can also name a group of similar photos with a private label like “my boyfriend,” or a person’s name. Facebook assured users these tags are private and no one else will see them.

After you start labelling your photo groups, Moments will automatically add new photos that appear to have a similar-looking person in them in the groups you created.

But the photo app for EU and Canada still has a lot of good features for bundling photos together. The app also takes into consideration the date, time, and location where the photos were taken.

Moments and Facebook Messenger are two of the few apps that managed to become after they were turned into standalone products. Their success depended on the heavy promotion, as well as the integration with Facebook Notifications.
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