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Google Changes Color of Links In Search Results

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We have come to rely on Google’s search page more than we ever believed we would, and that’s why we’re always reluctant at first regarding the changes the company makes.


Over the years, the search page has been experimented with and tweaked in numerous ways, and the way Google handles handle search results has also improved with faster and smarter technology.

How do you feel about the search result links being black instead of blue? Because that’s what Google has come up with now. If you haven’t noticed the change yet, it might be due to the gradual rollout the company is employing.

Even though fresh ideas are always welcome – at least in the testing phase – it seems that many of the users who have already seen the different colored links are not too happy with the change.

Over the past couple of the days, several people have taken to Twitter to express their discontent over the change. According to the images that have been posted by users who already saw the tweak, the only thing that has changed is the color of the main link itself.

The web address and the text under the link have remained unchanged – at least for now. Even though it might seem like a minor alteration, Google has a reason for everything it does, down to the color it chooses for its products.

The search giant has yet to offer an explanation for this particular change. A very good example of how detail oriented Google is was given to us when the company made $200 million as two designers decided on which shade of blue to use for advertising links.

Suddenly, the new choice of color doesn’t seem so random anymore, seeing how much attention to detail goes into everything Google does. Will the black links on its Search page be as lucrative as the current shade of blue?

That’s unclear, especially because Google made the changing of blue shades a big publicity stunt by grabbing user input. This time, the company made the decision on their own.

The future of the black links depends on user feedback, and a product-wide rollout could not be in the cards in the near future.
Image Source: Search Engine Land

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