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Snapchat Milestone: 10 Billion Videos Watched Daily

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Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app, has achieved a new milestone: 10 billion views each day, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.


If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, Snapchat is the app that allows you to send pictures, videos, or messages that have an ‘expiration date.’ Namely, they disappear forever after a certain amount of seconds.

So, Snapchat users seem to be watching an increasing number of videos on the app, more each passing month. It was only two months ago that the app achieved the 8 billion daily views milestone, a significant jump from the 4 billion amassed in April 2015.

Bloomberg reports that roughly one-third of people with a Snapchat account use it to create stories on the app, which is a feature that allows the videos and photos to have a longer lifespan: 24 hours.

After Snapchatters were offered lenses and filters to toy with, the incentive to try out new features increased almost every week. You can make your face look like a cyborg’s or swap your face with your friend’s.

The fact that some filters have garnered some controversy – like the Bob Marley filter – seems to be working for Snapchat, which has been reflected in increased video shares.

More views means that Snapchat becomes more attractive for advertisers and other parties. Evidently, the app’s main focus is growing its userbase, but adding so many more features has also attracted the interest of content publishers.

For example, Snapchat’s dedicated segment for brands and advertisers has made it more interesting revenue-wise. At the same time, the company wants to become an app with the freshest and most relevant content.

So far, CNN, MTV, and Cosmopolitan are some of the publishers that provide a variety of content on the app. With the 24-hour limit before expiration, Snapchatters don’t have to worry they will miss the latest updates.

Snapchat has even greater ambitions – the kind that Twitter has – of covering live events, ranging from concerts and music festivals to special days dedicated to cities across the world.

The app also encourages people living in these cities to post unique video content, to the point that it started selling personalized filters for these local events.

Another feature that raises the profile of Snapchat’s video segment is the fact that it shows clips from the same event from different angles, making sure the app provides comprehensive coverage of events.

With Twitter and Snapchat as the leaders in instant news across the globe, you can be as connected as ever, never missing an event that might interest you.
Image Source: Mashable

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