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Land Rover Discovery Sport Will Tell You If You’ve Forgotten Your Wallet

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How many times did you get out of the house without your wallet? Automaker Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. wants to prevent that from happening anymore, so it announced a deal with Tile Inc. to help you always make sure you have your essential personal items on you.


The Silicon Valley startup has raised over $16 million in total venture funding to date, and it makes tiny, waterproof tags that offer the location of the objects they are attached to.

Usually, people use Tile’s GPS technology to keep tabs on wallets, key fobs, and purses, as well as smartphones and laptop cases. So far, the company has sold more than 5 million tags, which often come in a package of four.

According to Tile CEO and co-founder Mike Farley, the company has hit sales of $43 million in 2015, and that number is expected to at least double this year. You can find the tags in various retail stores, such as Apple, T-mobile, Best Buy, and Lowe’s.

When your products are used to track items in Antarctica and even outer space, it comes with a certain pride, Farley said. Every day, some half-a-million objects are located with the company’s help.

Should you lose something that was tagged with a Tile, all you have to do is open the companion mobile app and check whether the item is within about a 100-foot range. If the answer is affirmative, the Tile will beep so you can find the items hidden from plain view.

Thanks to this beeping feature, you can find the items that regularly fall under the passenger seat in the car, or that you forgot you put for storage in the glove box.

More important, however, is the new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, which is why the Tile app will be featured on the “InControl Apps” menu on the 2017 premium compact SUV, Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Tile has landed a rather coveted position, as the automaker only features about a dozen apps on its touchscreen system, such as music and navigation apps.

Drivers will set up a list of necessary items they can check every time they get in the Jaguar Land Rover. For now, users will have to open the Tile app to see if they’re missing anything before they drive away.

But the goal is to get in your car, plug in your phone, and have the dashboard tell you if you’re missing something from your essentials list.
Image Source: The Next Web

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