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AARnet to utilize Juniper network gear to provide next-gen network

AARNet4, the next-generation network of AARNet which provides academic and research networking is set u utilize Juniper networks routers and switches.



AARNet4 is the fourth-generation network launched eight years after the previous network. Juniper mentioned that the previous years has seen an increase in the number of users in the network and datasets used in advanced research applications.

A thirty fold increase in the network capacity of AARNet4 will manage that huge amount amount of data. The network will also feature new services like virtual private network (VPN’s) and virtual private clouds. Radio astronomy projects like Square kilometre array can also utilize the new services as they are specifically designed for them and also useful for particle physics, climate modelling, genomics and sensor networks.

AARNet would make use of Juniper’s MX Series 3D universal Edge routers for providing the service. Juniper announced that AARNEt would be deploying the routers this month at existing points and then create “many new ones.”

The router can provide upto 100 GBps Ethernet (GbE) links and would also provide a lower latency compared to the present network. There will also be an increase in network resiliency as it supports multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)  for tightening network traffic control and to support VPN’s, Juniper added.

Juniper announced that AARNet would install Juniper’s EX4550 switches across education and research sites. The switches supports multiple 1 GbE and 10 GbE access ports and by using 40 GbE uplinks it can be connected to multiple access points.

“Woth AARNet, we are changing the ground rules for network capacity. This is about navigating the future of networking in Australia and globally. It will also allow AARNet to drive more sophisticated value-added services, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Juniper Networks platform.”


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