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Why You Should Uninstall QuickTime on Windows Computers


This past week, The United States Department of Homeland Security advised people who still use Apple’s QuickTime software on Windows OS to make sure they immediately uninstall the program.


A long time ago, QuickTime used to be a somewhat-popular package for playing audio and video clips on your computer, but other technologies took over, so Apple has decided to quit supporting it.

Unfortunately, it’s not the lack of user growth that caused the DHS to issue the alert; it’s the security vulnerabilities that keep on bugging the QuickTime software. The two critical ones that were announced on Thursday could enable criminals to hack into computers with QuickTime installed.

It’s enough for the users of these devices to run malware or visit a malicious web page – which can be induced by offering some “great deal.” Without Apple issuing security patches, running QuickTime on your computer poses a danger.

Over the past few years, Apple kept QuickTime for Windows updated, trying to address and fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs. But the firm has terminated support for QuickTime and stopped issuing any updates this January, so you should uninstall it ASAP.

That’s not to say that QuickTime for Windows won’t be still available for download; it will, and it’s supposed to work just like before. But according to the DHS, you should not be using it as it can lead to serious vulnerabilities.

In the statement issued on the matter, The Department of Homeland Security alert was pretty frank about the solution: “Potential negative consequences [of using unsupported software] include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets. The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.”

And as it is, you have much better options than running QuickTime on a Windows computer. Pretty much any of the newer software can support all the formats QuickTime did.

Removing QuickTime is a matter of a few minutes; all you need to do is follow the standard Windows software removal protocol, but make sure you do so today. If you are not sure if QuickTime is installed on your computer, just look for it in the list of installed applications.

Apple has yet to reply to requests for comment regarding the demise of QuickTime. The $30 QuickTime Pro on the platform is also still available, as the company’s website still listed it in the product line for purchase.
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