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Check to See If Facebook Has Hidden Messages From You

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You know how sometimes important emails end up in your spam or junk mail box? It’s frustrating to find out you’ve missed an otherwise relevant message just because your email provider thought it was spam.


Well, it turns out that Facebook uses a similar filter for your private messages on Messenger, and just like with your mail, the social network might have hidden a lot of legit messages that you never got to see.

But no more. People have recently caught on the trick and now you can find all those filtered messages with only a few clicks. No-one expects to discover a hidden million dollar inheritance, but this particular inbox might still uncover something you’d rather not miss.

If you check your own secret Facebook messages, you might discover dozens of unanswered messages from friends or work associates who you hadn’t yet connected with on Facebook.

Curious to see what messages you never got to reply to? Here’s how you can find your filtered messages on Facebook Messenger app and desktop, respectively, in just a few steps.

Step 1. Open the Facebook app and click on Settings (the gear button at the top right corner of your screen).

Step 2. Click on the People section, that grey icon with two people illustrated on it.

Step 3. Next, click on Message Requests. Under this tab, you should see a blue line saying “See filtered requests.” Click on it.

Step 4. Marvel at how many messages you should’ve seen (years ago?).

Anything that hasn’t been responded to will appear in bold font, and some unanswered messages might go way back to 2014 when Facebook introduced the filter. Sorry, friends!

Sure, some of them might be genuine spam, but many might be legitimate conversations you would have liked to see even if you were not ‘friends’ with that person on Facebook.

Are you trying to check your filtered messages on your computer? Here’s how:

Step 1. Open Facebook in a new tab, click on your Messages icon at the top, which will open a drop-down menu of messages.

Step 2. Notice you have two separate folders, Recent and Message Requests. Click on Message Requests, which will prompt the same text as on mobile “See filtered requests.” There you have them. Easy.

Keep in mind that once you reply to a message you found in your Filtered Messages folder, that conversation will then appear in your Recent Messages folder. But you might want to keep checking back regularly because a lot of unapproved communication will end up here.
Image Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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