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Google Brings Calendar Reminders to the Web

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Users can now keep track of their events and to-do lists on the web as well, as the Google Calendar Reminders feature has been made available on Wednesday morning.


You can now set reminders and receive them across other Google services, including Google Now, Inbox and in your Keep notes. These memos can also be made to appear in the calendar, so you will be informed of the things you need to do throughout the day.

What’s more, Google tweaked the reminder so as to keep at the top of your calendar until you accomplish the scheduled tasks for the day. The company described how the feature works in a blog post, reminding users that they need to mark their tasks as done to make them disappear.

Reminders is an innovation the search giant added to the Google Calendar back in December, making it available for both Android and iPhone users.

The latest announcement allows desktop users to enjoy the same features of Google Calendar Reminders that were previously only accessible on Android and iPhone devices.

According to Google, the web version of Reminders sticks around, works across Google, and can be synced with mobile. Users can now be on top of their tasks from just about anywhere, anytime, as the reminders can be created on the web and then viewed on mobile, and vice versa.

Users of Google Calendar users who prefer their notifications for Reminders on Android and iOS devices will still be able to do that; they can also sync the changes with the notifications on their PC.

For example, if you choose to receive notifications on your smartphone 60 minutes before a particular event, the notification will also pop up on your PC at the same time, increasing the chances you will be reminded of what you need to do or where you need to be.

The new functionality of Reminders could give Google Calendar the upper hand in its rivalry the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook and Wunderlist, and Apple’s Reminders app synced on iOS and Mac devices.

Google said that “with Reminders alongside your events on the web, Android and iPhone, you now have a single way to manage your day.”

The desktop version of Google Calendar Reminders is scheduled to roll out in one to two weeks. After it commences, users should be able to see the changes in one to three days.
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