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How Nest’s Revolv Shutdown Affects the Internet of Things

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Customers are left irate as Nest Labs has announced it will disable and remove support for the Revolv smarthome hub and app starting May 15.

After the $300 Internet of Things (IoT) gadget stops working, all the connected things in your home will not be usable at all. The Revolv hub was used a convenient controller for one’s IoT devices through one source.

It’s a rather drastic move on behalf of the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary, seeing that tech companies would rather just pull support instead of disabling devices altogether.

The announcement was all the more surprising seeing that Nest acquired Revolv a little over a year ago; one red flag that predicted this was eventually going to happen was the fact that Nest stopped selling new devices almost immediately after the purchase.

As Google refused to expand its business with Revolv was probably a pretty strong indicator that the company did not have a long-term future in mind, and the product was heading towards an unfortunate ending.

In terms of explanation, Revolv founders said the home-connected hub was far from perfect, but that the concept behind it was now integrated into Google’s ‘Works with Nest’ platform.

Even though it makes sense that Nest would want to invest its resources into the new platform rather than offer support for an outdated device like the Revolv, consumers are angered by the fact that Nest didn’t allow Revolv to continue functioning.

This move opens a new debate over the consequences of shutting down Revolv, as some users believe it could raise trust issues with Google (and Alphabet) – how are we supposed to know which device will receive the ax next?

Consumers are worried about their investments in other Google products, such as the Chromecast, Nexus smartphones and the Dropcam, concerned about what would happen if the company would suddenly start disabling other products.

One way Google – and Nest – could make this right is by replacing the useless Revolv devices with new Nest hubs for customers. Alphabet Inc. might feel a sense of responsibility toward making sure that the move does not wrong customers.

Some might buy a new IoT device, but is Nest a reliable company? According to The Information, Nest is not very sure about its place as a profitable venture for Alphabet, as the company used up most of its budget after purchasing Dropcam.

After Google had revamped into Alphabet Inc., the company seemed more focused on profits, which is why branches and subsidiaries that cannot pull their weight might be suddenly dumped.
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