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Surprisingly, Google Offers Landline Service with Fiber Phone

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Google’s fingers are dipped in a lot of jars at the moment. Not only does it reign undisputedly over search, but it also owns the most popular mobile OS with Android.

But apparently that’s not enough for the tech giant as it also became an ISP with Fiber and a phone provider with Project Fi. You wouldn’t expect Google to be interested in landlines, however, as everyone expects them to go the way of the dodo bird.

Today, Google has surprisingly announced it was entering the landline business, offering its users VoIP-powered Fiber Phone. In a way, landlines have a certain dependability that smartphones don’t, so maybe Google knows what it’s doing as it gets its food in the door.

Even though April 1st is some days away, some have considered this announcement to be an early April Fool’s Day joke, but Google has assured us this is for real.

According to John Shriver-Blake, Product Manager of Google Fiber, “Fiber Phone is meant to give you everything you want from a home phone service, plus a lot more.”

While you get to keep your old number or get a new one, Fiber allows users to make unlimited local and nationwide calls for only $10/month. For international calling, users will receive the same affordable rates as Google Voice.

Accessing your voicemail has also become easier with Fiber Phone, as the service can transcribe your voice messages and then text them to you or send them in an email.

It’s rather impressive what Google’s landline service offers its users. As Shriver-Blake further explained, Fiber Phone doesn’t keep you tied to your home phone. Because your number lives in the cloud, you can access it on the road, in the office, or at home.

You can access it on almost any phone, tablet or laptop; when you’re at home, you can use it as a landline, and when you’re on-the-go, it can ring your mobile device.

If you don’t want to give up the home phone that you already own, don’t worry – Fiber Phone can be used on existing handsets. The concept is similar to other VoIP services, which means you connect a box to your phone wiring to your router.

As good as it sounds, Fiber Phone is, unfortunately, available to Google Fiber ISP customers, which means most of us won’t be using this low-cost landline service. Even if you and your city do have access to Fiber, Google announced the service will only be rolled out gradually, so don’t get your hopes up yet.

Image Source: Tech Radar

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