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Gmail Makes Malware Warnings More Visible

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Intelligence agencies around the globe are interested in gathering all sorts of information that might help them in their various operations. Sometimes, that involves hacking emails accounts, even though that’s a definite no-no from the user’s perspective.


For a while now, Google has announced it can identify if a Gmail account is being tampered with by government-backed hackers, and warns potentially affected customers so they can respond immediately.

In the wake of the Apple vs. FBI scandal, Google’s news of amping up its security and protections for Gmail users, is rather welcomed. There’s no way you can miss the more noticeable warning that lets you know the government might be trying to steal your password.

Safe Browsing is Google’s way of keeping your emails safe. It’s not new, as Google has been warning about state-sponsored attackers in a banner at the top of Gmail pages since 2012.

However, from now on, any dangerous activity will be flagged through a full-page warning — very hard to miss.

Because Google doesn’t want to tip off the attackers about how they were spotted, the tech company has chosen not to reveal its reasoning behind the warnings. At the same time, Google noted that there’s a chance it might issue some warnings that prove to be false alarms.

According to a Google blog post, only less than 0.1 percent of all Gmail users have seen the warnings so far, and even though there doesn’t seem to be a particular pattern for the targeted accounts, progressive policy-makers, activists and journalists appear to be more prone to these attacks.

Safe Browsing makes sure that you don’t open web pages that could contain malware, phishing scams, or harmful software. Regardless of your browser choice or email app, Safe Browsing will start showing you full-page mallware warnings if you’re about to click on potentially harmful links in Gmail.

Meanwhile, Google has partnered up with Microsoft, Comcast, and Yahoo! to propose a better and more secure email-sending standard. To decrease the likelihood that attackers who might intercept your emails can access them, Google militates for mail that’s only delivered through encrypted channels.

Should you receive emails in your Gmail inbox through un-encrypted channels, Google will flag them with a red unlocked symbol – very easy to identify.

Users are increasingly worried about their online security, and Google’s recent efforts are trying to satisfy the need to stay safe in a digital era where even your government could be spying on you.
Image Source: Google Blogspot

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