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Happy 10th Anniversary, Twitter!

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Happy 10th anniversary, Twitter! This Monday, the micro-blogging platform celebrates its success gained over the past decade, so it seems fitting to take a look at some of the important milestones achieved, as well as wondering about the future of the 140-character documenter.


According to the most recent reports, Twitter boasts more than 300 million active users – which sounds less impressive compared with Facebook’s 1.5 billion. But Twitter has managed to attract a significant number of important people among its ranks.

Politicians, celebrities, scientists, and journalists have been conveying their thoughts in 140-character form for the past ten years, drawing in bigger and bigger audiences.

But just how flexible is Twitter in terms of change? In a recent interview on NBC, young Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that even though updates are on the way to the platform, its core identity won’t change.

For example, he put to bed all rumors that the 140-character limit will be lifted. He said it “represents a beautiful constraint,” helping the network stick to its original mantra: delivering bits of breaking news and witty statuses in the now.

Merely three years after it was launched, Twitter had become the main source of the latest news for a lot of people. News like the 2009 emergency landing of a plane in the Hudson river was first broken to the world by an image posted on Twitter. It suffices to say the tweet became viral within minutes.

Over the years, Twitter has also become the go-to platform for people who want to raise political awareness, spread political messages and call users to collective action. Case in point: Republican candidate Donald Trump uses Twitter “as a microphone” for its election campaign.

At the same time, the social network has facilitated a two-way communication between businesses and customers. It became so much easier to complain publicly about the bad pizza delivery you received last night when you can tag the company in your tweet.

On the other hand, companies were given a surprising hand of help as Twitter made it easier and quicker to reply and maybe even resolve an issue. It was free customer support for all business who decided to create an account on the platform.

But is Twitter indispensable? Will we still be using it over the following decade? According to market reports, at this point, it is almost impossible for Twitter and its 300 million users to fade into anonymity.

Its efficiency as a platform for instant sharing of news and links has “changed the way the information used to flow around the world.”
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