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Facebook Introduces WordPress Plugin for Instant Articles

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If Facebook is your preferred choice for the daily news update, you surely came across some Instant Articles. Right now, only a small number of publishers have the ability to use Facebook’s service, but starting April 12th, the tech will be made available to anyone – including bloggers.

Hoping to get communities on board with the project, Facebook has partnered with Automattic, the company credited with giving us the leading publishing software WordPress.

Instant Articles will thus allow writers from all around the world to serve websites much faster than they could before. As the date of Facebook’s global rollout of Instant Articles approaches, the social network is preparing the way.

A WordPress plugin was introduced on the platform in an attempt to reach the millions of publishers already connected on Facebook. In the blog posts presenting the feature, Facebook noted that “the WordPress open-source publishing platform now powers more than 25 percent of sites on the Web.”

With the new plugin in place, content creators – starting from bloggers to big media publishers – can adapt the format of their articles so Facebook’s mobile reader can load them faster.

Facebook hopes the introduction of the WordPress plugin will wipe away any concerns publishers might have had in the past in regards to working with Instant Articles.

The social network also illustrated the plugin’s benefits by providing two examples of how it can be used to design optimized media and visuals for articles, using a piece from Foreign Policy magazine.

Chris Ackermann, a member of Facebook’s engineering team, explained that “publishers that use standard WordPress templates can activate the plugin out-of-the-box to create Instant Articles.” For those who want a more customized production experience, the plugin can be extended to support additional features.

At the same time, Facebook is looking forward to receiving feedback from publishers so the open-source plugin will be developed to meet their needs. Anyone who wants to help can post their thoughts and ideas in an issue on GitHub.

Instant Articles was launched last year with the goal of creating a faster reading experience for users on Facebook; however, only a handful of publishing partners, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, were able to use it.

Content creators enjoy a major perk when working through Facebook’s electronic publishing feature, as they share the advertising revenue with the social network. You can already download the WordPress Plugin via GitHub, but Instant Articles will become available for everyone sometime before the Facebook F8 conference on April 12.
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