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Alphabet’s Project Fi Is No Longer Invite-only

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Alphabet Inc.’s Project Fi, which used to be available only by invitation, has now been made public to all in the US. Thanks to the service, its customers no longer pay for their internet data in bulk, but only for the data they’ve used over the past month.


More than that, Project Fi comes with a lot of perks, like the useful WI-FI assistant that instantly connects your device to any available Wi-Fi network. It also comes with a sim card that allows customers to use their data plans for multiple devices, including their tablets.

A displayed tracker showing how much data they have already used is also included in the package for Project Fi customers. At the same time, they benefit from the ability to use the service abroad for the same price, coupled with a 24/7 customer support.

Google Voice features are also available for Project Fi users, including visual voicemail, number forwarding, and the ability to use the Google Hangouts app to receive and send SMS from any computer.

Project Fi product manager Simon Arscott explained that the service was invitation-only until now because the company wanted to make sure they could “deliver quality service” to their customers.

He added Google is excited to finally move past the invite-only system and to make it available to everybody in the US. Anyone who is interested can sign up for the service without waiting for an invitation.

Google charges $10 per GB of data used and unlimited texting and calling comes at a base fee of $20. The only downside to Project Fi is the fact that it’s only compatible with a limited number of devices.

Nexus 5X, 6 and 6p are the only models that can benefit from the service, which is why Google is offering a $150 discount for the Nexus 5X. At $199, the 5X could entice more people to buy it and be able to get on Project Fi.

According to a Google spokesperson, the tech company has no plans at the moment to expand the project to non-Nexus devices. Even though this might be Google’s current stance on the matter, it might change, as the tech giant has never shied away from doing whatever works to attract as many users as possible.

Both T-Mobile and Sprint Communications have partnered with Google so the users can get dual coverage. They will be able to switch between their carrier and Project FI to ensure the best coverage at any time.
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