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Gaming Company Capcom Sanctions Rage Quitters

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Nobody likes losing, no matter what’s at stake. But it’s equally unpleasant – if not more – to have a victory snatched away from you because your losing opponent has quit at the last second.

That’s why Capcom has decided to introduce some measures that will curb the rate of rage quitting when it comes to online ranked matches. Ever since Street Fighter 5 was launched, rage quitters have become an ever greater headache for Capcom.

In other words, rage quitting applies to the players who simply disconnect from a match when it’s already clear they don’t stand a chance to win the game.

Disconnected games aren’t counted as losses or wins for the players involved, so rage quitters had found a surefire way to keep their winning percentage high even though they technically did lose some matches.

But that wasn’t fair for any of the players involved – robbing someone of their win is a nasty thing to do – so the outcry against this practice has finally yielded some results. Capcom announced today that rage quitters will be “severely punished” if they continue the practice.

Therefore, these players stand a chance of losing League Points, a punishment that Capcom has already started doling out. The company has begun identifying players with suspiciously high disconnect rates who also had unusually high win rates to keep the game’s ranking system untainted.

So far, more than 30 players have had their League Points docked. For now, only the biggest offenders in the system are on Capcom’s radar. So if you’re gaming record is tainted with a few disconnections that weren’t your fault, you shouldn’t worry about the new rules.

Capcom is targeting players whose disconnect rates go as high as 90 percent; if you’re in this category, then you are in a pickle indeed.

According to the gaming company, the admins are docking League Points only as a temporary solution; they’re still searching for a more permanent solution to discourage players from rage quitting.

At the same time, Capcom is also looking into a lasting solution for punishing players who don’t mend their ways. In addition to more details on this matter, the company has also promised a “major news drop” in the coming weeks.
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