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Sony Launches Future Lab Project for User Feedback

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The PlayStation gaming world isn’t the only thing Sony is known for, nor is their audio equipment. Their smartphone business didn’t take off as the company hoped it would, but there’s something else Sony is proud of.

Over the past couple of years, a new and stranger Sony emerged, showing us only glimpses of its willingness to experiment and try new things. Experimentation is great, no doubt, but does Sony have the vision to turn its crazy concepts and ideas into products that will bring in extra income?

That remains to be seen. This week, the Japanese firm has made headlines once again with the unveiling of its new “Future Lab” project, which is meant to allow users to give Sony feedback on the things that need improvement or changes.

At its core, the Future Lab is a transparency program, and the first sneak peek into the company’s upcoming project, which will be unveiled during SXSW. So far, we know the project is known as “N” and a teaser video tells us that it’s going to be a kind of wearable device.

It seems that Sony’s plans for “N” have something to do with music or radio, but nothing like the recently announced Xperia Ear. Instead of creating yet another tiny wireless ear bud, Sony’s “N” won’t require users to place anything inside of their ear.

As seen in the teaser, the device that’s seen around someone’s neck seems to be responding to voice commands. While some have raised the possibility that this wearable tech might be using bone conduction to communicate, that’s highly unlikely, because those devices require something attached near the ear.

These speculations will be confirmed or denied when “N” will be unveiled; it’s scheduled to make an apparition during Texas’ SWSW conference, which starts on March 12th.

While “N” seems to be the first of a series of concept products named using different letters, we’d better wait until the initial unveiling later this month before making any more speculations.

Considering that Sony is interested in getting feedback from its users, there’s no doubt we’ll hear more about the “Future Lab” very soon. And there’s a lot to look forward to regarding this project.

Sony could be trying to get back in the public’s eye; just last month, the company launched some crazy Xperia concepts – think of the Xperia Eye that goes with the funky projector. However, since the best ideas are fueled by user feedback, Sony is going about this the right way.
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