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Forward Secrecy Technology utilized by Twitter for better encryption

Twitter is making use of a technology that can provide greater encryption to users, a move due to reports of snooping by National Security Agency.



The technology provides forward secrecy for traffic through its websites which can enable protection against hackers who decrypt information as mentioned in Twitter’s blog post.

“Forward secrecy is just the latest way in which Twitter is trying to defend and protect the users voice,” the company mentioned in a post.

Reports of spying by NSA has caused major companies like Google and yahoo to step up their encryption process. Harder-to-crack codes are being used to protect against illegal U.S snooping. The companies have also addressed users that they do not reveal data to NSA directly.

This will further enhance TLS and SSL protocols that is already used by the micro-blogging service. Twitter was made HTTPS complaint in though its was found later that a login issue causes passwords of to be sent in plain text from a section of Twitters site. Twitter has also implemented a technology that allows users generate theri own encryption key and not sending them over networks.

The forward secrecy technology was founded by Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit  organisation that provides protection in the Internet world. The organisation claims the technology uses “truly ephemeral” session keys that is generated by a computer in the server that provides greater encryption.

Jim Prosser, a spokesman for Twitter a  didn’t respond to a message for further information.


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