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Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service Partners with Brita Water Pitcher


Owning a Brita pitcher is rather convenient most times – until you realize how dirty your water filter is, and you have not ordered a new one.


However, thanks to a new partnership with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment service, the new Brita pitcher can automatically order new filters.

In the past, Amazon has partnered with Brother and Samsung to design smart printers that know when to automatically order new toners from the e-commerce company’s website, using the innovative Dash Replenishment service.

On Monday, Amazon announced it was expanding its product range with a new collaboration with water filtering firm Brita. Consumers buying the new Infinity pitcher are required to register it on Brita’s website.

Next, they need to connect the device to their home internet network and sign up to get automatic filter refills with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment service.

As part of the ever-growing number of smart home appliances connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the new pitcher can track how much water passes through its filter.

When the old filter nears its capacity – after approximately 40 gallons of water – the pitcher will automatically place an order for a new filter on Amazon.

Just like the printer integrations, the pitcher’s order will be shipped by Amazon to the user’s door; all they have to do is insert the replacement product. You can order the new Infinity pitcher from Amazon’s site for $44.99.

Ed Huber, Brita General Manager, said that the company realized that while people buy the Brita pitchers because they want “cleaner, great-tasting water from any tap,” remembering to have new filters on-hand is quite a challenge.

Therefore, they took the opportunity to work with Amazon, and they came up with a way to always be stocked on filter changes effortless.

“By integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into this pitcher so it can connect with Amazon Dash Replenishment, we’ve created an elegant, simple solution to eliminate that moment when you realize you didn’t re-order your filter.”

This kind of deals is a great boost for Amazon when it comes to ways to snag more money from the consumers’ wallets. The Internet of Things makes e-commerce so seamless that the user doesn’t even have to think about replacements.

Amazon has been placing big bets on this Internet of Things network, adding its Dash Replenishment service to it. You can also order Echo from Amazon, a Wi-Fi-connected speaker that come with a personal assistant and home automation platform.
Image Source: Brita

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