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YouTube’s New Tool Blurs Moving Objects

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On Thursday, YouTube improved the face blur tool it launched in 2012 with a new Custom Blurring feature that allows content creators to hide some potentially sensitive information featured in their videos, be it on purpose or by accident.


Even though a certain amount of YouTube videos thrive on these types of fails – nip slips and embarrassingly naïve users who post their credit card information online – the Google-owned platform has found a nifty way to limit their number with this new tool.

The cool part is that the new tool blurs moving objects and still ones alike. For now, the feature is limited to the desktop version of YouTube, as a lot of YouTubers post their professional content from their laptops or computers.

According to the company’s announcement, the more advanced tool is supposed to help video creators safely hide information such as credit card numbers, vehicle license plates, unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, and other delicate content.

Users can simply choose the video they want to edit and open the Blurring Effects tab in the Enhancements tool; this is where the Custom Blurring option was placed.

After drawing a box over the object – or person – they want blurred, the tool takes it from there and automatically keeps the box over the chosen object even when it moves. The tool allows creators to resize the blurred box and choose when it starts taking effect and when it stops.

When the subject that needs blurring isn’t moving, users can select the ‘Lock’ option, which will keep the blurred box in one place as long as they set it. YouTube allows creators to save bot the original video and the edited copy.

Amanda Conway, YouTube Privacy Leader, wrote in a blog post that even though there are numerous uses for this tool, “we built this feature with visual anonymity in mind.” Creators won’t have to go through third-party software to blur things in their videos.

At the same time, the tool proves really useful for users who had to remove and re-upload content due to various malfunctions and unwanted apparitions.

Another announcement from YouTube this month dealt with the recent acquisition of BandPage, a startup that wants to help musicians increase their revenue and fan bases. With YouTube’s global distribution platform, BandPage has hit jackpot in terms of an open network of digital music services.
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