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Support for Rich Text Formatting and Instant RSVP Come to Gmail

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Thanks to Google’s update on Monday, Android users are now able to add some style to their emails as well as be more productive while they use their mobile devices.


It might not sound like much, but the two new features added to the Gmail app are actually welcomed by heavy users. Google incorporated support for rich text formatting and offered its consumers instant RSVPs.

A lot of features were made available with the RTF support; users can now add italics and bold to their emails, underline words or phrases, change the color of the text or simply highlight it – all directly inside the app.

In other words, composing more stylish and eye-catching emails while using your smartphone is now made possible with the added support for rich text.

According to Google’s statistics, more than two-thirds of Gmail users actually use the service on a mobile platform. This makes sense seeing how easy it is to check your email on the go – just think how many times you received an email notification and all you had to do what quickly open the app.

Now, the new RTF feature will allow users to better emphasize their points, so that their communication on mobile won’t have to suffer. Your emailing on the go can be just the same as composing on your laptop or computer.

As for the instant RSVP feature, Google has included the option of responding to an invite with just one tap. The feature is readily available for people who already use Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

When you receive a calendar invitation, you no longer have to open up a separate app to check your agenda and see if you are free that particular day. With the help of instant RSVPs, users are informed about the time and date of the event and who sent the invitation.

Gmail will also provide users with a list of events or scheduled meetings coming up, so all they have to do is tap on “yes,” “maybe” or “no.”

These new feature are only two of the latest update announced by Google in recent days. Just last week, the company launched a new Gmailify feature that allows users to benefit from Gmail’s best functionalities on their Yahoo!, Hotmail and Outlook accounts.

All of the new updates have been released globally, so Android users can download them directly via the Google Play Store.
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