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Edit and Format Documents in Google Docs with Voice Commands

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Some heavy users of Google Docs might find it difficult to always type what they want, so Google has decided to make typing, editing and formatting documents a lot easier.


How? In the Chrome browser, users can now do all the work hands-free, no keyboard needed, because the tech company has equipped Google Docs with a voice feature.

Back in September 2015, Google added the voice typing feature in its document service with some other new handy tools.

But the problem was that the feature only allowed users to dictate the text, while the editing and the formatting – adding bullet points, copy-pasting, or other such actions – still required users to use a keyboard.

But thanks to the new update released today, consumers can now get everything done in Google Docs by using only their voice. Namely, the tool has been equipped with the ability to understand and follow commands such as “select all,” “bold,” “align right,” “insert table,” “decrease font size,” “highlight,” “go to end of line,” “copy” and much more.

In fact, if you’re not sure which commands have been made available, you can say “voice commands help” so the app will provide you with a list. Google is rather excited about the new feature, calling it “a quick and easy way to get ideas out of your head and into a doc.”

But that’s not the end of Google’s new offering, as the company has also announced the voice typing feature of the app now supports new English “dialects” that make the users’ commands easier and more natural.

In the past several months, Google has been investing a great deal in voice technology, aiming to make the interaction between humans and computers feel more natural with each update offered across all its services.

Google is probably looking forward to a time when users will be able to control anything they do on it sites and apps without having to “lay a finger on anything,” as Bloomberg puts it.

Without a doubt, some users will still turn to the keyboard for editing and formatting documents because of the added feeling of convenience. However, this new feature will be warmly welcomed by users who have an impairment or by those heavy users who need things done quicker.

Google has released the new functionality in a global rollout, so you should be able to use it starting today, February 25, 2016.
Image Source: Venture Beat

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