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ISIS-related Hacker Group Directly Threatens Facebook and Twitter

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ISIS supporters have been angered by the fact that their social media accounts have been taken down, so they turned their target to the leaders of the two most popular social networks in the world.


A new video was posted on the internet on Tuesday by the “Sons Caliphate Army,” a group of hackers linked to the militant Islamic group. In the video, they show photos of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as shooting targets and engulfed in flames.

Storyful, a startup that verifies news on the social Web, is said to have authenticated the 25-minute video which was published under the name of “Flames of the Supporters.”

It seems that the pair’s efforts of fighting against terrorist activities on their respective social networks didn’t sit well with ISIS supporters.

In recent months, both social platforms have taken steps toward suspending accounts connected to activities by Islamic State extremists; posts promoting terrorism and violence on any of the social networks had been taken down.

The decision to step up their game in response to online terrorist activities came about a months after the most influent tech companies, security officials in Silicon Valley, and top federal law enforcement met to discuss some solutions.

This emergency meeting was called right after a series of terrorist attacks killed more than 130 people in Paris and 14 people in San Bernardino, California in a matter of weeks.

Considering the hundreds of millions of people who log in everyday, the Islamic State and other extremists soon realized that social networks could become fruitful recruiting grounds. But on their part, the social networks have responded by adding more agents responsible with overseeing posts and traffic.

Out of the 320 million monthly active users logging in on Twitter, the company had to suspend more than 125,000 accounts. According to a recent report, the reason was “threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS.”

Soon after the San Bernardino massacre, Facebook removed the profile belonging to Tashfeen Malik, one of two the two shooters involved in the attack. The company said his profile was “violating community standards,” and Facebook is strongly against the promotion of “acts of terror.”

However, the ISIS-related hacker group isn’t backing down; this video seeks to demonstrate that they still have many more accounts undiscovered yet by Facebook and Twitter. The text on the video also mentions their plans to “delete the sites” in response to the social networks’ efforts to banish them.
Image Source: NY Post

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