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#FiberisComing to San Francisco with Great Internet Speeds

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It’s time for the apartments, condos, and affordable housing properties in San Francisco to be equipped with Google Fiber, as the tech giant announced on Wednesday its plans to expand its Internet service even further.


But instead of waiting until its own fiber cables would be installed, Google is taking the easier and faster route: using already installed fiber, allowing the inhabitants of San Francisco to have the service up and running a lot more quickly.

Overall, not much construction will be required, except some work inside the buildings to connect the properties to the existing fiber. This initiative is similar to the project Google announced for a city-owned utility in Huntsville, Alabama.

However, Google has chosen not to say which entity will be leasing or buying fiber from when it will be time for San Francisco to start receiving the new service. Google gave a statement saying that they can’t disclose any specific details about the plans, as the project is barely getting some air under its wings.

“We’re just beginning to reach out to property managers and owners today, so we don’t have details about specific properties or timeline.” Google also did not reveal the number of buildings in San Francisco that will benefit from the new service.

Property owners can access the Google Fiber website and express interest in having their buildings connected to the service, while residents are asked to patiently wait for updates. They can sign up on the same website to see if their area is part of the plan.

Per Google Fiber’s announcement, the service will “serve a portion of San Francisco, complementing the City’s ongoing efforts to bring abundant, high-speed Internet to the City by the Bay.” At the same time, Google promised that this project will include providing free Internet service to some affordable housing developments.

In Atlanta, Google also used existing fiber, but only for some parts of the city, as the others are still awaiting new construction. In Provo, Utah, Google did the same thing it wants to do in San Francisco: it purchased an existing fiber network instead of taking longer to build its own.

After announcing the addition of San Francisco, Google Fiber counts seven new metro areas where there are plans for the new service to be installed, in addition to the four where customers are already served.

In most cities, Google plans to build its fiber networks from scratch, giving them more control over what can potentially go wrong.
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