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Whitepages Offers Galaxy S7 Spam Detection and Caller ID

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People have waited for the Samsung Galaxy S7 with bated breath and stockpiles of rumors, and when it finally arrived, it was everything they were expecting.

If you’ve already dismissed Samsung’s new flagship handset because it resembles so much the S6, wait till you hear about this extra feature.

The South Korean company has teamed up with a tech company to bake a long-awaited tool directly into the new device; Whitepages offers Galaxy S7 spam detection and caller ID in the U.S.

Now, you can tell exactly who’s calling you on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, even if you don’t have their contact in your phone book. Thanks to Whitepages, we finally have a way to avoid unwanted callers, and know exactly who we’re avoiding.

By just seeing the name of the business calling visible on your lock screen, you can quickly make a decision on whether or not you want (or should) pick up. Even if it’s an unprompted call, some might still be interested in answering, but most will prefer to decline straight away.

If you’re tired of spam numbers – or people trying to push some kind of scam – you can report them and the dialer app will highlight them as such; you also have the option of blocking and reporting annoying numbers.

At the same time, Whitepages hopes to also encourage people to answer some incoming calls. Having to pick up the phone without knowing who’s on the other end is one of the anxiety-inducing struggles of some millennials.

However, if you recognize the name of your local hairdresser, local library or favorite pizza place, the prospective of answering the call might be less intimidating. At least Whitepages hopes you’ll feel more encouraged to hit the green button and have a chat.

Samsung’s new partnership does not pretend that caller ID is a new idea. (Whitepages has already released a dedicated Android and iPhone app you can download.) It’s however rare for this type of service to be incorporated into a flagship phone.

But since Samsung wants to make it more popular, more people are likely to use it and gain the benefits that come with caller ID. Whitepages was previously operating predominantly in North America, but a bunch of new countries have made it on the list thanks to the Galaxy S7.

Given the fact that S7 offered users only a minor update over the S6, this kind of small features might have the biggest impact on the user experience.
Image Source: Geek News Blog

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