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The LG Rolling Bot: A Techie Companion For Your Pet

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The Mobile World Congress that’s now taking place in Barcelona, Spain, is bound to amaze consumers with some really insane products. Such is the case of LG’s new approach to ball technology, which is either the most ridiculous or the most brilliant smart gadget presented so far.


The LG Rolling Bot looks like the combination between the cute Star Wars BB-8 droid and a cat toy. It bleeps and bloops and colorfully lights up, and at first, the consumers present at the demo could not make sense of its actual purpose.

With its lasers and cameras, the tech ball has more applications, some of which include monitoring your home or entertaining your pets when you’re away. Even though LG presented more accessories for the new LG G5, the little super ball might just be the most insane of the bunch.

Its motion ability is given by being split into two hemispheres that can rotate independently, thus allowing it to rotate forward and turn – just like a tank would. Testers said the ball is a little tricky to use, so you will need to adjust a bit to its moves.

This next bit is where the insane part starts. By using the G5 as a manager device turned into a remote, the LG smartphone can control the Rolling Bot literally from anywhere on the planet – provided that you are connected to the internet.

This application is the most useful of them all, as it allows you to easily keep surveillance on your home. The Rolling Bot is fitted with a decent camera which means you can see whatever the little robot sees as you control it with your smartphone. Never again will you be tormented about forgetting to check if you left the fridge open.

Besides the camera, the device also has a speaker and a microphone, which makes it the ideal companion for your pet; the creators say it’s also good with kids, but you might want to be around to keep an eye on the situation.

One of the sillier and yet entertaining features of the ball is the fact that it includes a laser pointer – just the thing you could use to play with (or torment) your unsuspecting pet.

Since this version is a mere prototype, LG has yet to release any info on pricing and availability; however, the company assured users the prices for all the gadgets it presented are going to be “reasonable.”
Image Source: CNET

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