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Cars At the Top of the Speeding Ticket List, Survey

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Given the unbelievable horsepower they harness under their hoods, it’s almost impossible for the fastest cars in the world to not get rated by the number of tickets they rack up.


And no, it’s not cinema tickets or passes for ballet shows; we’re talking about speeding tickets and about how people expect that sports cars – also known as speedsters or babe magnets – to be at the top of the speeding ticket list.

But now, a new study conducted by Insurance.com reveals which cars are indeed more prone to attracting police officers and the fining tickets they come with.

Based on traffic violation data reviews and insurance claims from more than 330 car models and over 323,000 recent customers, it was surprising that the study found that drivers behind the wheel of a Lexus ES300 are the most often offenders when it comes to speeding.

Back in 2012 when Insurance.com conducted a similar survey, the results were quite different: the Subaru WRX was titled the most scandalous ticket magnet. Only 3 years later and the WRX was bumped several ranks lower – it comes in at number 12.

Contrary to the public’s expectations, the more expensive cars (their drivers, in fact) are actually the least likely to get a speeding ticket. Just 3 percent of drivers of both the Buick Encore and the Lexus IS350 reported being ticketed.

Meanwhile, the tickets reported by Acura ILX and Cadillac ATS drivers amounted to a mere 6 percent, which makes for a rather infrequent citation for such powerful cars.

But with that being said, it’s worth mentioning that the researchers could not find any real rhyme or reason when it comes to which cars get the most tickets; the final list contains a mix of both luxury and economy cars.

In the end, “it’s the driver that gets tickets, not the car,” as explained by Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for Insurance.com. But even so, the list could suggest which vehicles and models are preferred by drivers who are prone to traffic violations.

The full list of the ticket magnets for 2015 can be found on the company’s website, in addition to the percentage of drivers who reported receiving speeding tickets. The first 5 places are taken by Lexus ES 300, Nissan 350Z, Dodge Charger SE/SXT, Volkswagen Jetta GL, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/LT.

Unsurprisingly, the survey discovered that the drivers of the cars on the list are also more likely to file other non-speeding ticket related insurance claims than other car owners. In other words, chances are that the need for speed comes at the price of breaking a few other rules, as well.
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