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Google Introduces a New Tool Dubbed Gmailify


Not everyone has started out with a Gmail account when they first got their electronic mailbox, which is why a lot of users prefer their Yahoo! Mail or other services. But even if your email address doesn’t end in @gmail.com, you can still use some Gmail features.


It’s uncontested that Gmail has a better inbox organization, and its spam protection filters are more efficient, but it can be quite a hassle to change accounts and mail services. But thanks to Gmailify, you can now have it all.

On Wednesday, Google introduced to the world one of their best ideas ever: a new tool dubbed Gmailify. This allows its users to connect an existing Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail Microsoft, or Outlook account to Gmail so you benefit from “all the bells and whistles” of Google’s email service, without having to create a whole new account or ditching your current.

Among the perks are Google’s efficient spam detection and blocking, organizing your mail and inboxes into specific groups, and Google Now cards; these act as little reminders about your travel and hotel reservations that it has collected from your mail.

Some time ago, Google has started this Gmailify process by allowing other users to access their third-party email directly from the Gmail Android app, so if you have been doing that, now you just need to enable the “Gmailify” feature and all set.

But, if you don’t also have a Gmail account to link your other email service to, you’ll first need to set one up before you can benefit from this feature. Google’s Support page will offer you all the instruction you’ll need for that.

Once you set that one up, you can see all your messages from the other provider you’ve linked to the Gmail address straight into your Gmail mailbox. They appear as any other emails that you can read, reply to and organize in groups using Gmail’s features.

According to Google Software Engineer Michael Käser, the control is still in your hands. If you ever feel like changing your mind, the account(s) can be unlinked at any time “and continue to access them through the Gmail app without using Gmailify.”

He added in his blog post that Gmailify allows the company “to bring the best of Gmail to more people,” and in the future, other email providers will be able to use Gmailify.
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