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The Robin Makes Sure You Never Run Out of Space

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New smartphones are definitely exciting, but there’s no doubt the market has become super-saturated at this point. They all seem to look shiny, have faster everything and sport an uninspiring generic-ness: rectangle devices with high resolution screens.


When it comes to the smartphones that matter, they all have come to feature good cameras, be lightning fast and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. In an iOS and Android smartphone world, the Nextbit Robin seems to try to be different only for the sake of it.

But even though its design intentionally attempts to break the metal and glass trend, its plasticky feel might not have been the best option: it looks different, but in a cheap way.

The smartphone’s aesthetics might not make the best first impression, but the new approach to storage is clearly different from anything you’ve seen before. Relying on the cloud, the Robin makes sure you never run out of space.

Its under-the-hood performance is also rather impressive, with enough specs packed in for the price of US$400. The Robit sports a crispy and bright screen (5.2-inch 1080p full HD) whose viewing angles are really wide.

On the right side of the device, a fingerprint sensor has been embedded into the power button, which allows the use to unlock the home screen incredibly fast.

Above the screen is a 5-megapixel “selfie” camera doubled by a 13-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash around the back. The Robin takes pretty great pictures with realistic colors and good sharpness.

But Robin’s main selling point is the promise that you’ll never see the warning saying you’re running out of storage space. To begin with, the smartphone’s internal storage is of 32GB, but instead of sporting a microSD card slot, the Robin offers its users 100GB of private cloud storage.

The basic idea is that whenever you could be running out of internal storage, the phone starts to automatically delete unused apps and photos.

Don’t freak out – they’re not really deleted, only transferred to the cloud, so you can have more space for your newest selfies. The intelligent software bases its actions on your habits: all your apps are in a vertical queue, and the more you use an app, the less likely it is to get flagged as unimportant.

You can pin certain apps to make sure they are never removed, and also re-download a removed app by simply tapping on its greyed-out icon. But the best part of the Robin is that all of these actions are done in the background – you’re never interrupted.

In all of its weirdness, Robin actually feels like the next step for smartphones: your phone never runs out of storage as it manages on itself the data you no longer need.
Image Source: TechnoBuffalo

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