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Instagram Adds New View Count Feature on its Videos

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According to an official post on its blog, Instagram’s double tap feature will soon be shadowed by a video view counter. Similar to what YouTube and Facebook do on their platforms, Instagram is about to allow you to see how many users have seen your video.


In Instagram’s own words, this feature is “the most widely expected form of feedback on video.” The new view count feature will appear in the area currently occupied by the likes received by a video.

Therefore, the old likes feature will become a subcategory of the brand new view counts feature; if you’ll want to see the number of likes, you’ll have to tap once on the “views” button.

Facebook Inc. is all about video expansion nowadays, and given that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it was about time we had some new features. But the main social network has also received a boost with the live stream feature and an improved layout for more relevant video.

This time, Instagram attempts to attract content creators who would otherwise turn to YouTube or Vine by giving them an exact count of views. For example, Twitter-owned Vine is directly dependent on its view count feature, because each replay counts as an additional view on the video-sharing app.

In addition to shows views, YouTube also displays likes and dislikes, but now that Instagram has the views and likes feature, should it co-opt the thumbs-down feature as well? We think not, given the wave of negativity that would tag along.

Also, you don’t have to worry about accidentally adding views to every single video you scroll past in your feed – Instagram has decided that you need to watch at least 3 seconds of any video before it counts as a view.

Instagram hopes that the new video count integration will encourage genuine content creators to upload more videos on the platform. The photo- and video-sharing app is going strong with 400 million monthly active users, and the view count could prompt more 15-second videos.

Meanwhile, the popular platform also hopes to attract more marketing and social media professionals, so Instagram will provide them with special metrics for their videos towards that end. In terms of ads, this new move could bring Instagram more than just higher revenue.

In spite of the many ways Instagram hopes to entice content creators, details about splitting the ad revenue are still lacking. That is, we’re yet to find out whether Instagram will allow its major video creators to get a slice of the cake like Facebook does.
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