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Facebook Wants to Incorporate Automated Captions in Its Video Ads

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Facebook wants to incorporate automated captions in its video ads in an attempt to have its cake and eat it too. The social network seeks to increase advertiser revenue while also keeping the consumers happy.


Just like all the other “free” memberships on the Internet, Facebook has a tight connection with advertising – how else could it remain one of the big guns? According to its Q4 2015 earnings report, roughly 80 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue ($4.5 billion) comes only from mobile advertising.

However, there’s nothing more annoying than scrolling through your feed while waiting at the dentist office and then have a video ad blast sound out of nowhere. In trying to make the ads less intrusive and more relevant, Facebook released automated captions for videos.

But this was no easy task. More than 50,000 video ads were transcribed by Facebook employees in order to offer the captioning tool as much information as possible.

Seeing that some mistakes can occur, Facebook has offered advertisers the option of editing and reviewing the caption before they are released to the public. It’s something that should have been implemented long ago, seeing that most users watch the video ads with no sound anyway.

According to surveys conducted by Facebook, more than 80 percent of users are annoyed and react with hostility when a video ad starts to suddenly play loud music or dialog in their feed. This is something advertisers should take this into account when they come up with video concepts for ads.

In other words, Facebook is urging marketers to make sure their stories could communicate their message even if the sound is off – which is currently not the case. It turns out that a whopping 41 percent of videos made no sense if the sound was turned off or at a minimum.

With the help of captions, Facebook hopes to reveal the essence of a video while your phone gets to remain silent wherever you are.

According to an insider study, videos with captions tend to attract the attention of more users, which is why ad creators are recommended to include logos and captions in their ads – particularly in the first few seconds.

Keeping users engaged is all that matters; after 3 seconds of viewing a video – ad or not – the chance of sticking around jumps to 47 percent. After 10 second? It’s already at 74 percent. And given the fact that video ads are all the rage nowadays (banners are so yesterday), advertisers could really use Facebook’s captioning tool.
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