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LG Has Teased the Public with an Always On Feature

Always ON LG

It was a little strange that Samsung was trying yesterday to get exclusive rights on the phrase “Always On Display” in Korea, since a lot of smartphones are already using a feature that could be described like that.


But our eyes are now open, as we see part of the motive that pushed Samsung to do this. It turns out that its rival and compatriot LG has teased the public with an Always On feature on its own upcoming flagship.

According to an animated GIF released by the electronics manufacturer, the LG G5 will also be fitted with an Always On feature, just like the one rumored for the Galaxy S7. The only difference between the two offerings is that LG might be using LCD instead of OLED to make it happen.

However, it makes more sense to implement an Always On with and OLED display than with LCD, mainly because of the way the two technologies consume energy. Since OLEDs use no power for displaying the color black, the amount of energy required to display little content on a small strip of the screen is drastically reduced.

On the other hand, LCD screens make use of more energy because they need to fully activate the backlight – even if only a plain black screen is displayed. It’s worth mentioning that with OLEDs, the entire screen is technically active, even though the backlight is off.

And so LG’s decision to stick to LCD is somewhat strange, considering the drawbacks this could have to energy consumption. In other words, choosing an equivalent OLED screen would make a lot more sense.

While the GIF LG has posed on Twitter offers little info, it’s enough for us to deduce the news about the Always On display. According to Android Authority, the G5 won’t be fitted with an AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-emitting Diode) display.

But the publication said the flagship phone’s screen will be literally always on, unlike other phones with ambient screens. The Nexus 6P and the Moto X, for example, only display pertinent info on screen when you perform specific gestures.

Although LG has yet to officially reveal the specs of the new phone, the GIF animation shows the Always On feature displays the time, date and possible notifications – missed calls, emails or texts.

LG’s solution regarding the device’s battery life will remain unknown until February 21st, when it will be launched. By then, the Always On function might even get a new name, seeing that Samsung has trademarked the term for its Galaxy S7.
Image Source: Android Authority

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