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Facebook News Feed Algorithm to Weed out Clickbait Articles

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Facebook’s algorithm responsible with its News Feed has received yet another new update, this time in an effort to weed out clickbait articles and posts users might not want to see.


At this point, no user should be surprised that Facebook knows a lot about them – starting from who your family and friends are to where you’ve been and what your interests are. It even knows about your drafted posts, the one that never saw the blue light of Facebook.

Combine all this information with the core power of the ‘Like’ button, and the network has the perfect recipe of what types of posts it should share more widely in your News Feed every day. Surprisingly, that’s not the case – not even close.

A lot of times, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm proved to be frustrating. Instead of showing the announcement of your best friend’s engagement – which is of obvious interest – it chooses to surface the RSVP of an acquaintance to a knitting class.

But thanks to the new tweak, things are about to change. Realizing that its News Feed is far from perfect, Facebook wants to include more factors than just likes, comments and share when it comes to prioritizing stories.

The network will still use the data about the posts you typically like, comment on, share, or click on, but it will also cross-reference it with stories on similar subjects. The end results will appear at the top of your feed when you open Facebook every day – or every hour, depending on your habits.

Introducing these changes is partly due to results from Facebook’s Feed Quality Panel, a group of 1,000 Facebook users who filled out some survey questions about what they want to see on the platform, and rated their Facebook experience on a daily basis.

You might have answered some of these questions yourself (like “Which of these 2 posts would you want to see in your New Feed?”), and if you did, give yourself a pat on the back. Facebook has apparently listened to your feedback.

Similar to other tweaks of the News Feed, which aimed to kill click-bait, hoaxes, like-bait, and spam, this new update wants to make your News Feed a more enjoyable experience. And we all know that keeping its users happy is a top priority for Facebook.

Why? Because the more time you spend on the platform, the more ads you’re bound to see. Happy surfing, everyone!
Image Source: Wired

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