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Portable Gaming Is Receiving a New Home From Nintendo

Portable Gaming Is Receiving a New Home From Nintendo

It’s fairly obvious that no secret information can ever stay hushed up too long as recent rumors regarding the company’s intentions suggest that portable gaming is receiving a new home from Nintendo. This comes in the shape of a handheld console device that apparently has been dubbed Nintendo NX.


To some, this will come as a great surprise and great news. Others will probably not be particularly phased by the addition. HIS Senior Principal Analyst Hiroshi Hayase has taken it upon himself to deliver an official announcement regarding Nintendo’s plans for the future this week and gave the public some very valuable insight.

Firstly, he announced that the Nintendo NX is the first of the two next-generation devices that the company is planning to release in the future. Secondly, Hiroshi Hayase has also mentioned that the NX will be released sometime this year – a very ambiguous statement as that could either mean in the next few months or as late as December 2016.

What do we know about the Nintendo NX?

There wasn’t that much information being parted and shared with the public in the announcement in regards to specifications, size, technology and so on. However, Hayase did mention that the Nintendo NX will be a standalone device, with its very own native display and full controls. This is obviously an attempt of the company to revive the Nintendo 3DS without straying away from the idea of portable gaming like the Wii U did. The latter did offer you a dedicated display, but required to be in the vicinity of the Wii for it to function.

A Wall Street Journal report suggests that the company is now in the process of software development. There are other rumors travelling around, stating that Nintendo plans to utilize industry leading chips onto the NX that could withstand resolutions up to 900p.

What is the purpose of the Nintendo NX handheld device?

Portable gaming has taken quite a turn since it became particularly viable on mobile phones and tablets several years ago. With titles such as Mortal Kombat X, various Star Wars releases and basically full 3D gaming experience available on our smartphones and tablets, old school handhelds lost a lot of ground. And that is not the only reason behind the change. While you won’t be able to get most classics and regular console games on a smartphone, handheld Nintendo devices don’t offer their users much versatility.

Die-hard veterans of console gaming will surely enjoy the addition of more powerful, versatile hosts for various titles that you can take with you anywhere. Nintendo has been known to design and deliver outstanding devices that do not stray away from their original beliefs, even as the industry continues to evolve from a technological point of view.

Regardless, even if a release date won’t be announced soon by the company, there is a fairly good chance we will be able to see just what the Nintendo NX has planned for us as well as hear more details about its official release later this year, at E3 2016.

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