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Live Streaming on Facebook Is Now Available

Live Streaming on Facebook Is Now Available

After a fair amount of building up tension with the help of several celebrities across the world, live streaming on Facebook is now available to everyone. Though you may find yourself a little amazed at the fact that no huge, right-in-your-face notification of the new addition can be found anywhere around the app. It’s not that often that these platforms don’t jump up to let you know what else is new. As a matter of fact, you will only be guided to the new feature by the app only if you haven’t been around and using it lately through a notification when you go to update your status. Otherwise, you may even find yourself wobbling around the Facebook mobile app to find it.


The feature has so far only been pushed to devices in the United States – other countries and continents will be getting the update in the following weeks. The release had been hinted at by Facebook since December last year, when the feature was only pushed to a very small number of select iPhone users. The new video sharing functionality has been tested since and it would seem that it’s ready for launch for every user out there as long as you’re in the US and using an Apple device.

This, on one hand, could be considered the better alternative of uploading video directly onto Facebook as many users found the experience very harrowing when they had to upload the gigantic-sized files from their camera folder onto social media. Facebook has now added this option right into your update status menu and it’s strikingly resembling of Twitter’s Periscope from last year.

On some levels you can say that the Live Streaming feature feels like a standalone – seeing that you can subscribe to different users and be notified whenever they go live, similarly to how game streaming platforms such as Twitch TV work. Also similar to it is the fact that live video has a separate section of live comments, where people can come and discuss what’s happening in your video.

In order to start Live Video, you have to go to your Update Status menu and look for the new icon right next to Photo Attachments, Tagging, Activity and Location buttons. After you go through the process of allowing Facebook to access your camera and microphone and hit continue, you’ll get the freedom of naming your broadcast and selecting your privacy settings.

The best part of it all is that all live video broadcasting done via this method will always scale your video to a square 1:1 aspect ratio, regardless of which of your two phone cameras you use or what is the orientation of your phone. So no more craning our neck to unnatural angels to watch iPhone users’ videos anymore! As soon as you start broadcasting, your video will show up in your timeline.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the stream uptime, but considering this is video broadcasting, you should consider data usage when you do it. However, once you’re done streaming your video, you get the option to save it to your phone’s camera roll. Here, you’ll be able to edit it and keep safe in case you ever want to use it somewhere else. Similarly, when you end your live broadcast, the video will be posted and made available on your timeline where people can replay it and count up to your view count.

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