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Back to the Future Car Will Be Back in the Future

Back to the Future Car Will Be Back in the Future

The DeLorean DMC-12, the same model that was used as the trilogy Back to the Future car will be back in the future, actually. The model of the car is being revived 33 years later than when it first came out and not many will even stop to question why.


The original 1980s DeLorean DMC-12 didn’t see much success when it first came out – it seemed to be of relatively poor construction, not to mention that its features didn’t exactly amaze anyone in particular. Because the company didn’t succeed in keeping the vehicle model alive, the production of the sports car was halted in 1983.

However, very soon after, the model was featured in popular sci-fi movie Back to the Future, allowing the DeLorean DMC-12 to make a posthumous reappearance – not in the showrooms and markets, but in the hearts of the fans and as an engraved title of pop culture.

And what a suitable car the DMC was for the Sci-Fi series: with gullwing doors, a stainless steel body exterior and a rear-mounted engine, it spelled hip for the 80s. Now, the same model of the DeLorean would not make anyone gasp in awe and rather see it as nothing more than a retro car.

However, someone happened to see it as something else; and the same someone is now bringing the model back to life, and to very futuristic standards too. The initiative came from Stephen Wynne, a British entrepreneur that started a different company back in the 90s that felt a little like paying respects to the original. However, the new ‘DeLorean Motor Company’ only worked with assembling and refurbishing cars from original equipment manufacturer and new-old stock parts.

Wynne has stated that he’d been wishing to bring the DeLorean DMC-12 back to life for a very long time but that has been prevented by some legislation issues for a very long time. However, recently the company received a green light when the federal government approved a low-volume manufacture bill, and they’re already back in the fray and working on the revival of the car.

The ‘DeLorean Motor Company’ is currently situated in Humble, Texas and has stated that they have enough supplies, parts and materials in their stock to build around 300 DMCs. The plan is that they won’t alter the original look of the car, but the model may be subjected to several changes here and there – wherever the car requires some bringing up to date.

Inside the DeLorean DMC, however, things will be a lot more different. Depending on the buyer’s preference, the remade DeLoreans could host a number of different types of engines. However, the price of the car does not look very encouraging right now. The DeLorean Motor Company has stated that plainly refurbished DMC-12s would cost somewhere around $45,000 to $55,000. However, powerful engine models could go as far as $100,000 for a car.

It has been hinted that some of the engine choices could be GM, V6 from Toyota and maybe even a Ford one. Potential buyers should expect the new and improved DeLorean DMC-12 to be available for purchase starting next year.

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