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Use Your GoPro Camera to Livestream via Periscope

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You can now use your GoPro camera to livestream via Periscope as a new partnership brings the broadcasting of live footage through the lens of an action camera on the social media platform.


Live broadcasting involves the help of your iPhone, but the new feature is only compatible with newer versions of iPhones (from the 5s generation onwards) that run on iOS 8.2 or later.

However, this remains one of the most exciting news for people with wanderlust and adventurers who want to keep their friends or followers posted during their travels. Setting up your GoPro for live broadcasts doesn’t have to be complicated.

First, you need to install the GoPro app and Periscope, and then pair up your action camera with your iPhone. Then tap on Settings> Wi-Fi and select your GoPro from the list. Make sure your GoPro is on video mode and then Start Broadcast from the Periscope app.

All that’s left is thinking of a title and taking the broadcast live. Note that you cannot leave the Periscope app during the broadcast if you don’t want it to suddenly end.

Periscope users have it easier with the update, as they can now opt for the preferred camera with a simple double tap on the, whether it’s the shooter on the GoPro or the iPhone. If they swipe right, the camera source toggles between the GoPro, the front-facing and the rear-facing camera of the iPhone.

Thanks to a new Periscope lock button, users don’t have to worry about tucking away their iPhones in their pockets; this prevents any accidental taps, and can be unlocked again whenever you need to use the app by swiping across the top.

As far as compatibility with other devices goes, the iPhone 5 and 5c can also broadcast, but they cannot store the videos on the camera roll. At the same time, the integration of the new feature on other operating systems is still an unknown, even though Android has its own Periscope app.

The takeaway here is the excitement and the niftiness of broadcasting live footage on Periscope with the help of your GoPro. While you could be using your iPhone’s camera to film your awesome snowboard tricks, your GoPro doesn’t need the mount or the selfie stick.

Thanks to the diverse community on Periscope, get ready to see a slew of shiny and breathtaking broadcasts rolling in the near future.
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