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Android Generates $31 Billion Revenue for Google, According to Oracle

Android Generates $31 Billion Revenue for Google, According to Oracle

Android generates $31 billion revenue for Google, according to Oracle – $21 bn in profit, said in court a lawyer for Oracle. Numbers that shouldn’t have been made available to the public, notes Google.

Oracle has sued Google, claiming that the search-engine giant has used its Java software without paying for it in order to further develop the Android OS. In a court filing, Google says that the lawyer has based her statement on information took from confidential internal financial documentation.

Android, launched in 2008, amasses money for Google in two ways:

  • advertisements, which are supplied by Google and displayed on Android smartphones.
  • Google Play, the app store, which also makes money.

Google pleaded a San Francisco federal judge on January the 20th, that the extremely sensitive information, marked with Attorney’s Eyes Only, surfaced by Oracle’s lawyer, should be redacted and sealed.

Deborah Hellinger, spokesperson for Oracle, has refused to comment on the situation.

With no indication whatsoever that the court ruled on Google’s request to redact and seal the sensitive information, the transcript has simply disappeared, without any footprints, from electronic court records.

The battle between Google and Oracle has been going on for about five years now, with Oracle seeking damages in well over the $1 billion mark – the company’s claim has been expanded in order to cover newer Android updates.

Why did Oracle unveiled these numbers?

To show the court that the search-engine giant was in a hurry to make use of the Java software to create the Android OS, in order to gain profits from it. Also, in order to showcase how much Google has amassed from Android – this means that Oracle can claim for much higher damages.

Hurst said during the January 14th hearing that Google was basically in a space-race with Apple, and timing was off the essence, mainly because the public was just becoming accustomed to these competing OSes.

In other news, in 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion to keep its search engine the default option in iOS – the info was found in the same court documents that revealed how much Google has gained from Android.

When an iOS user opens the Safari app on his or hers mobile device,  and taps the address bar, it automatically links to Google’s proprietary search engine. In more recent iOS versions, users have the option to manually change the default search engine to DuckDuckGo, Yahoo or Microsoft’s frowned-upon Bing.

It seems that the majority of users don’t know this, or, most likely, they really don’t care as Google is seen as the better search engine.

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