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Microsoft Office Mobile for android has a $100 tag

Microsoft has hardly left any page unturned when it comes to spreading its arms of influence and reach in terms of applications and utility software. It was only last month when Office 365 was brought to the iOS devices, which allowed the users to edit their Office documents on the go. This month, however, Microsoft has opted to delve further deep into the enemy territory and has introduced the Office 365 for phones and tablets operating on Google’s Android operating system.

Microsoft Office Mobile


It is mainly the business executives, students and the like who are most expected to greet the Microsoft Office Mobile with open arms, who are most likely to appreciate the ultra-modern editing capability.

However, it has also been learnt quite recently that the Microsoft Office Mobile still has the same problems that had initially been there in the iOS app. Sounds appealing? Well, it certainly does not come free of cost.

The first thing you need to be aware of is you have to pay up around 100 USD per year for using it. Of course, you can register for free, but just not use it.

Microsoft Office

Another very disappointing fact about the Office 365 app is that it does not give you all that you hope for. First of all, the ability to edit is not quite fit for the size of a smartphone screen. But, surprisingly, just as you think of replacing it with a tablet, you find that Microsoft’s application is not compatible with bigger screens except for the Windows 8 tablets.

However, as you start accepting the blunt hits on your expectations, and get over it, you will soon find the app to be pretty good and useful. The experience is also almost identical to that on the iOS, so there is hardly any difference.

In case you are already a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber, this is a very good app. However, in case you are not, the service will surely make a noticeable hole in your pocket.

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