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Apple Watch 2 Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back to September, from March

Apple Watch 2 Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back to September, from March 2016
Picture of a first-gen Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2 release date reportedly pushed back to September, from March – sorry smartwatch lovers. First we believed in the 18-month refresh cycle, then we dismissed it because of March rumors, and now we are forced to go back to the September release period.

According to one reliable source, which is usually 100 percent correct, Mark Gurman noted in a recent report that the Apple Watch 2 trial production was gunning for a late January start.

Welp, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that the second gen Apple Watch won’t be available in the upcoming months, according to a report by Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch.

Even though we won’t see a brand new Apple smartwatch any time soon, it doesn’t mean that the Cupertino-based company won’t bring forward new updates – be they minor, Apple just needs to keep the Apple Watch momentum alive and breathing.

We are expecting some new design partnerships as well as a wider variety of accessories.  Panzarino notes that there’s a possibility of seeing a new Apple Watch update that sports a FaceTime camera early in 2016, but it won’t be marketed as a Watch 2.0 – and we concur.

Recently, Apple has become the owner of a patent for multi-functional watch bands that can be used as protective cases, and even as night stands. We think that these will be released with the new version of the Apple Watch 1.0 some time this Spring, before the next-gen hits the streets.

Given that Apple had a terrible strategy with the iPad, mainly due to releasing it way too soon after its previous model, it could very well bode a 18-month refresh cycle. Not every product has an annual refresh cycle – like the iPhone or Samsung flagship-smartphone.

In other news, besides releasing an updated model of their smartwatch, the company may announce the iPhone 6c, rumors have it. We don’t know much about it, besides that it will sport a 4-inch size. The iPhone 7 won’t be heard of until Autumn, as per usual of Apple. We may hear more news during their annual annual Keynote event.

Apple managed to capture 50 percent of all smartwatch sales in 2015, according to this market research. The company has won the first-gen smartwatch race, but with Pebble and Android wearables breathing down its metallic-neck, if Apple doesn’t provide enough support to maintain the trend, it could very well lose the head-start.

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