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Amazon Prime Discounts Hard Copies of Video Games for Its Members

Amazon Prime Discounts Hard Copies of Video Games for Its Members

Great news for collectors who also happen to have a subscription for it as Amazon Prime discounts hard copies of video games for its members now. Saying collectors simply because it’s not very often these days that someone actually purchases physical copies of the games they wish. With all the services out there such as Steam, Origin, G2A and the dedicated Xbox and PlayStation online stores, very few individuals resort to the way things used to be done.


And that cannot possibly come as a surprise to most of us since it’s common knowledge that a digital purchase will save you a huge chunk of time and downright remove a number of possible dangers – such as losing the title you bought and the hassle of dealing with shipped items. But here’s a reason why Amazon could be bringing them back.

Recently, with the addition of so many services that provide discounted price for games, retailers jumped on the bandwagon of it all hoping to reinstate themselves into the fray as online purchases throttle in-store sales. For example, Best Buy introduced what is called Gamers Club Unlocked – a service that will provide its customers with 20% off discounts for games under $30, every two years. In other words, you would get already older games for 20% less way after their time.

GameStop also offers is personalized set of discounts that may imply you trading in your older games for 10% more their value and getting newer ones for 10% off. Even Electronic Arts is launching its own digital purchase hub – namely the EA Access (Xbox One) or Origin Access (PC) that will offer the subscribers access to a library of games for a $5/month service. That will also give a default discount of 10% on any new digital purchase.

Amazon’s attempt at joining in into the ever growing industry that is video gaming may still not seem appealing to most considering you would still have to basically be an Amazon Prime subscriber; that comes with a price of $99 a year. Given that the discount does apply to any kind of hard copy – meaning collector’s editions included – this may appeal to some individuals a little more even if, in most cases, the discounted amount of money you’d save by the end of the year may not be too impressive.

But this is just one more perk that subscribing to Amazon Prime offers you. Along with access to the Amazon Prime video service, Prime Music, Prime photos and a guaranteed 2-day shipping for most of the products you could ever order on their website, this would be just another thing to watch out for in the case of dedicated gamers, at least. They are currently the only retailer that is offering discounts on physical copies of games rather than digital purchases although there’s a good chance that might be susceptible to change in the future.

But it’s still worth a shot. After all, there’s nothing like owning a hard copy of a video game, is there?

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