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Drones have Created a Huge Buzz During CES 2016

Drones have Created a Huge Buzz During CES 2016

Drones have created a huge buzz during CES 2016 – I’m talking about the toy-like quadcopters, not the unmanned aerial vehicles that are currently killing people somewhere in the Middle East. Yet, describing them as toy-like is quite wrong.

You might picture them as futile gadgets for children, teenagers or young-adults, but they are much more than that.

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the massive showroom was riddled with drones buzzing, and flying around. They were literally everywhere you looked, small and big, some with thermal imaging and others with 4K capabilities.

CEO for Yuneec USA, Shan Philips, says that the company, which is the American branch of the Chinese-based mother company, is focused on delivering drones that consumers can use indoors and outdoors without having to read an extensive guide beforehand.

During CES last year, Yuneec launched its Typhoon product-line of drones. The new Typhoon H, the company claims, is ready to reach the sky out of the box, with a minimal set up process.

Anybody can fly them, and Philips notes that his favourite flying companion is his six year old son.

DJI, who is the drone industry leader, generated a lot of buzz down on the floor. The Middle Kingdom-based company showcased their all-black model of the Inspire 1, which has a thermal imaging camera built in. Such a drone could be used by emergency crews out in the field.

Surprising no one, small-sized drones were as equally as popular as the big ones. Take the Micro Drone 3.0, which, the London-based company claims, that it’s the first personal drone to be fully customizable. It can be controlled using a mid-budget smartphone and it can even stream HD video to the device or virtual reality headset.

Founder of the Micro Drone company, Vernon Kerswell, said that the Micro Drone 3.0 will be able to launch this February thanks to their highly-successful Indiegogo campaign, which has raised more then $3 million.

Kerswell notes that it just went wild, when describing the crowdfunding campaign, and that they spent 2015 developing and making the Micro Drone 3.0. The drone will launch with the retail price of $200.

The bottom-line is that drones are on a rise. Given that Amazon is planning to deliver products using drones in the near future, and that these devices could be used to help rescue people in case of disasters, we are currently witnessing the future in the making.

Yet, drones are a long way from going 500 miles without stopping to recharge an insane amount of times, as well as having the power to actually carry an object that weighs more than 5 kilos.

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