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General Motors Beat Tesla in the Race for the Affordable Electric Vehicle

General Motors Beat Tesla in the Race for the Affordable Electric Vehicle

General Motors beat Tesla in the race for the affordable electric vehicle – 200 and 30.000 is what you need to know.

The first displays the distance in kilometres that the car can travel on a single charge. This number is only surpassed by Tesla, whose entry-level electric vehicle starts just slightly over $70.000.

The second number notes how much the vehicle will cost after the $7.500 federal tax credit. GM says that their Chevy Bolt will actually cost less than $30.000.

Together, those two numbers put GM yet again on the pedestal, as the automaker hasn’t released a worthwhile car in decades. The Chevy Bolt will be the first affordable electric vehicle that’s aimed at the masses, and not just at enthusiasts and those who have deep pockets.

It delivers both an awesome range and a great price.

However, let’s not place all of our eggs in one basket, as Elon Musk’s Tesla is supposed to release the much-awaited and super-affordable Model 3 in the Spring of 2016, with production starting in 2017. We don’t know anything about it, but given the news today, we’re expecting a pretty gear 2016.

Nissan and Volkswagen are also working on electric vehicles, but neither company has announced a particular model plan.

At the current moment, GM hasn’t announced anything related to the vehicle’s specifications, recharge time or battery. We only know that it’s going to be released later this year, given that it’s being called a 2017 model.

Considering that this is CES, we don’t expect the car manufacturer to go too deep into explaining the car’s tech. Yet, we do expect the firm to give us the bulk of details about what it has to offer on the side of infotainment and other consumer goodies.

And it already has.

Take the rear-view mirror, it will display images from cameras mounted on the rear of the car. The 10.2-inch screen will feature 4G LTE connectivity and GM claims that it will be crucial to pointing the driver towards charging stations by providing a map.

The car is capable of recognizing different keys, so, let’s say, that if your partner is driving the vehicle, then the radio will be tuned accordingly. Also, once you approach the car, the Bluetooth system will pair your smartphone to the vehicle.

It has ride-sharing in mind, and there’s nothing shocking about it considering that earlier this week GM announced that it has funded popular ride-hailing company Lyft with $500 million in order to help development of self-driving vehicles.

However, if somehow the Chevy Bolt won’t launch with a price of $30.000 or under, all of these awesome things will be pointless. Even the 4G LTE connectivity won’t save it from the scrap yard.

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  1. GM didn't even show off the final vehicle. Lets wait for cars to be in consumers' hands before we declare a winner, shall we?

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