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Samsung to start mass producing of 560ppi AMOLED displays

Samsung will launch smartphones and tablets with highest pixel density of 560ppi in 2014, as the Korean company announced the plans to mass produce the 560ppi AMOLED display panels soon.

Samsung to start mass producing 560ppi AMOLED displays
Samsung to start mass producing 560ppi AMOLED displays

Recently, Samsung in Analyst Day event in Korea, unveiled the plan to produce high display smartphones in 2014 with 560ppi density in the screen size as low as 5-inch (that makes 2560 x 1440 pixels resolutions) and your guess is right – rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first device to get this high-res AMOLED display.


According to OLED.at, the news confirmed by Kinam Kim, CEO of Samsung Display. If this is a true fact, then Samsung would be producing even higher quality of displays for its smartphones and tablets. The Analyst event also revealed that Samsung is developing a custom ARM-compatible processor similar to Apple and Qualcomm by creating custom architecture from scratch but keeping it compatible with the ARM instruction set. This means, the 64-bit Samsung chipsets are coming, instead of relying on Qualcomm’s 64-bit chipsets.

However, the current 1080p AMOLED displays are sharper but the competition from Google’s 445ppi high-res Nexus 5 as well as Apple’s Retina Display based iDevices makes Samsung push furthermore to invent even crispier and sharper displays. Ultimately the winners are consumers, what do you say?

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