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Ford’s SYNC 3 Brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support

Ford’s Sync 3 Is Bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support

SYNC 3 is the company’s next take on voice-activated technology for automobiles, and what is probably the best news about it is that the Ford’s Sync 3 brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support with it.


Planned to start getting shipped with most vehicles manufactured by Ford in 2017 and beyond – starting with the 2017 Ford Escape – Sync 3 is a versatile voice-controlled user interface. Whether you go for voice commands or touchscreen interaction, the Sync 3 allows you to do a variety of things. Playing music, setting a new location on your GPS and even answering a call is something that you’ll be able to do without ever needing to take your hands off the wheel.

But what is most likely the most exciting part of it all is the fact that Sync 3 promises to come with heavy amounts of smartphone integration for mobile devices of both the Android and Apple giants. By connecting your device to your car’s dashboard, you get an extended control over multiple aspects of your car, while making everything feel familiar thanks to being able to use the interface you’re normally used to.

“With SYNC, we move at our customers’ pace – making it easy for them to maintain a connected lifestyle no matter their choice of smartphone, apps or services inside and outside their vehicle.”

–  Don Butler, Ford Executive Director of Connected Vehicle & Services Department

That way you can straight up begin using Siri to handle all of your voice commands such as shuffling through your Spotify music playlist, navigating Google Maps as fast as you can as well as make phone calls for example. Ford vehicles that will be released starting with 2017 will also be equipped with an on-wheel set of controls for the Sync 3 to ensure the safety of drivers making use of the infotainment center.

While this is not guaranteed and can qualify more as a wishful thinking and TBA “planned for the future” set of features, Ford has revealed a few more things it hopes to achieve with the Sync. They include things such as remote-starting the vehicle, checking fuel levels, locking or unlocking doors, temperature control and even locating your car in the parking lot. naturally, everything would be done via the SYNC Connect two-way application on our smartphones.

The Sync technology is not a new addition to Ford automobiles, having been designed in collaboration with BlackBerry and built using the QNX-based operating system. While the interface is already capable of a number of actions that allow you to keep your attention on the road, with the CarPlay and Android Auto integration, an explosive expansion is promised. Along with the plans to introduce in-car 4G LTE technology in late 2016, SYNC 3 promises to become a truly innovative experience.

The announcement was made in expectation of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2016 that is planned to unfold this week, between 6th and 9th of January. What feels to be a rather clever preemptive move on behalf of Ford will most likely turn into a full-blown demonstration of the Sync 3 full set of features on the models exhibited at the show.

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