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Somebody Sued Bethesda for Making Fallout 4 Too Addictive

Somebody Sued Bethesda for Making Fallout 4 Too Addictive
Now, what was I supposed to do today? Feed DogMeat? Go to work? Kill some mutants? Yeah, kill some mutants.

Somebody sued Bethesda for making Fallout 4 too addictive – after playing the game for 3 weeks straight, a man from Russia lost his job and wife. It seems like he didn’t put enough points in Intelligence.

The individual, who was not named, is a 28-year-old man from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. He wants 500.000 rubles – that is $7,000; in compensation from the video-game studio, according to the RT news service.


Gizmodo reported the statement his lawyers released, saying that the man didn’t realize how addictive the role-playing game could be. The Siberian gamer adds that if he knew from the beginning how addictive Fallout 4 would become, he would have never bought it in the first place, or he would have at least waited for the X-mas vacation, or even until the New Year holiday.

The Siberian Fallout addict claims that his addiction led him to be fired from his job, because he repeatedly skipped work days, reported Yahoo Games. He also suffered health issues, and his wife left him.

PC Gamer states that the lawsuit was also filed against Softklab, a firm who was in charge of localization for the game.

This is the first lawsuit of this kind in Russia, and the individual’s lawyers have noted that they were super curious to see how far can this sort of case advance in the country. Bethesda Game Studios have not commented on the lawsuit.

The US have seen these kind of cases in the past, but the court dismissed them as soon as possible. However, in 2010, a gamer sued NCSoft, developer of MMORPG Lineage II, claiming that he got incredibly addicted to the video-game.  The federal judge sided with Craig Smallwood, the plaintiff, and ordered NCSoft to pay him all of the legal fees he accumulated over the 6-month period, which took to conclude the case.

Fallout 4 is about a man who wakes up from some sort of cryogenic sleep, 250-years or so into the future, to see that his wife is dead, and his child has been abducted. Exactly like the main character in the game who has emerged into a post-apocalyptic world, so has the Siberian man.

Quite ironic, don’t you think?

The man has to convince the court that he was genuinely addicted to the video-game, and not just lacking proper self-discipline. Self-discipline that even a 10-year-old can be proud of bearing.

It’s going to be hard for the Russian gamer to get his way. The American Psychological Association doesn’t recognize video-game addiction in no shape or form as an official mental disorder. Yet, it’s still a huge concern to many.

Considering that earlier this year a Chinese gamer died after playing World of Warcraft for 19 hours without getting up, the APP should reconsider their stance.

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