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Lexus NX is Literally Driving On Ice

Lexus NX is Literally Driving On Ice
Lexus NX with frozen wheels.

Lexus NX is literally driving on ice and its frozen wheels give me the chills.

The Japan-based automaker, with help from ice sculpting pros, managed to fit its NX crossover with tires and wheels made from ice. Afterwards, it sent the vehicle to roam the roads in London.

Prior to installing the wheels on the car, the vehicle was frozen for five days at minus 30 degrees Celsius – that’s minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tires were developed in London by a four-man team comprised of ice sculpting professionals from a 35 year old business whose speciality is creating complex and humongous snow and ice installations – Hamilton Ice Sculptors.

Jack Hackney, one of the sculptors employed by Lexus has said that being a sculptor is about having a great silhouette, and bold attention to detail. There’s a behind-the-scenes video below where you can see how the Lexus NX ice wheels were made.

Jack continues to add that because of the shape of the rim, its powerful bold and geometric shape comes great in ice.

After laser scanning real NX car parts, the ice sculptors went to work and started replicating the tires and wheels. They managed to capture the tinniest of details, like the tires’ tread patterns.

Do you know how long it took for one wheel to be made?

  • 36 hours for one ice wheel!

That’s a lot of hard work for a set of wheels that will melt, eventually. But this isn’t about efficiency, it’s more of a show of teeth and Lexus showed us all that it can achieve the weirdest of dreams.

The vehicle itself was kept at minus 30 degrees Celsius for five days prior to the test run in a controlled space. Inside the wheel there’s LED lighting, which adds an eerie glowing dimension and it turns the crystal clear wheels into something straight out of TRON. This was made possible by sculpting the wheels using ice frozen from softened, moving water.

If that doesn’t make you shout incredible, I don’t know what.

Well, maybe this will – inserted into the wheels are acrylic parts, in order for them not to break down, as the car weighs about 2 tons. The Japan carmaker notes that it took three months for research, design and testing to accomplish this task.

This isn’t the first time that Lexus amazes the world with a one of a kind marketing stunt.

A couple of months ago, in October, the carmaker brought to life a full-fledged origami model of one of its IS Sedan. It was created from 1,700 laser-cut cardboard sheets. The cardboard car was also fitted with an electric motor so it could roam the streets, that is, on a clear and sunny day.

Another visually stunning Lexus-made marketing stunt brought Back to the Future fans in tears. The Japanese company revealed a hoverboard that could actually levitate. However, it isn’t available for purchase, so there’s no way you can live your fantasy of becoming Marty McFly any time soon.

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